Laugh till you can’t breathe!

Need a few respiratory jokes?


What time does the RT go on lunch break?    Haha….seriously……what break????


Why do RT’s need anger management?       Because they really know how to vent!



Respiratory……because you never knew how much fun it would be to
listen to strangers breathing in the elevator!


“Let’s treat that CHF with continuous Albuterol.”          said NO RT ever!!!!


Night shift…..when sleep deprivation and spontaneous breathing trials create a magical fantasy world!


Best part of respiratory?              You mess with PEEP and not poop!


When people tell you to “just breathe”, and you can’t tell if they are sincere or mocking your profession!!


Respiratory…….because you never again need your real name announced on the hospital intercom.



when that respiratory student you used to be asks a HFOV question you have forgotten the answer to today.
And you’re their clincial instructor!



Why Respiratory?
You study like a maniac, conduct clinicals in major hospitals, pass national board exams
obtain a state license, from the medical board……………. still get mistaken for the CNA!!!