My Other Interests


I enjoy performing music with several instruments; including piano, electric bass, and violin.

This Rickenbacker 4 string bass has a high action, and a glorious golden tone when tuned to perfection.

I have favorite songs from nearly every genre;  classical to jazz to heavy metal.

I received voice training in college; and previously sang several seasons with the Houston Choral Society as a soprano 2.







Charity Events

I love to participate in fundraising events,  including the BP MS 150 Ride from Houston to Austin 

and MD Anderson’s Boot Walk for Cancer.

As a clinician, my heart grieves for those suffering from these chronic illnesses such as these.

Many patients with multiple sclerosis lose the ability to be mobile,

so it is important to participate in their name.

One year, I took my rescue puppy Winter on the boot walk around MD Anderson.

Halfway though the event, I had to remove her “MD Anderson” bandana due to the growing concern from

other participants that my dog actually had cancer!

She was perfectly healthy, but received lots of extra attention and love as a result of the suggestion.


Authorship and PTSD studies

“Surviving Their Death” is a book that I authored many years after the death of my husband.

His loss compelled me to educate myself about the effects of trauma and PTSD  in healthcare industry,

and how to treat patients and family members with greater clarity and resolve.

Please click the link below to view the book.

Surviving Their Death RClevenger